Monday, January 09, 2006

Good news and bad

Well the Orioles spared us all from a season of watching Corey Patterson get on base less than 3 out of every 10 times. Though word is the two prospect that they gave up to get him weren't all that much so at least we know Bavasi wasn't dangling anyone of significance.

Unfortunately he must have felt like he needed to make up for lost time, so the two newest invitees to Peoria are... Kevin Appier and Fernado Vina? Uggh...

Please spare me the washed up veteran routine... It may have worked once with Tony Phillips for the Angles in '95 (the trade that he claims "made me think I could be a GM") but it didn't work last year and I doubt it will work this year. What we need are proven talents - capable of getting us out of 29th place in team .OPS, 25th in team HR's and 20th place in team ERA.

By the way - Jeff Angus details the Tony Phillips signing in 1995 here:


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